Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Let's try to tidy up our email inboxes...

Everyday I delete several emails from people I like. And some from people I love. Why? It ain't cuz I don't like 'em anymore. It's cuz they done forwarded me some of them email hoaxes and chain letters that's been floating around the internet since before Al Gore invented it.

Word to the wise. If ya read an email that gets yer britches in a twist, chances are...it ain't real.

As a rule of thumb, I ALWAYS use snopes, urban legends and/or hoax-slayer to check the validity of an email forward that is touted as truth. MOST of the time I'll find that the contents of the email is nothing more than crap and I will email the person who sent the forward with a link to the real story. It's my way of trying to tidy up our email inboxes. If we ALL would do the same thing, we might be able to make a small but significant difference.

Here are a few examples for ya. Click on the links to get the real stories:

Radio Stations Declined To Play Diamond Rio's "In God We Trust" Because Of It's Subject Matter.

Missing Child Evan Trembley

Cancer Info From Johns Hopkins Hoax Email

If you have a friend that keeps sending you that dusty old crap you've seen a million times, you have my permission to send him a link to this blog, cuz I have a message for him:


Hope this helps you out. Heck, I hope it helps ME out!

I need to go back to deletin' now.

Love ya!