Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Technical & Customer Support Rant

Today, I think I am fed up with asking for technical or customer support for anything. Either the technicians I deal with think EVERYBODY is a moron, or they just don't want to deal with us. Either way, they'd better starting caring...or get another job.

Case in point, twice now I've had issues with a website I used to publish my latest book. I had used them before...for research and uploading. When I had these issues, I did EVERY possible thing I could do on my end. Clear cache, history, reboot, try another computer on another server, etc. When all of that failed, I emailed customer support to tell them the problem, give them the error messages and tell them what I have done on my end to try to remedy the problem, I got an email explaining that I should clear cache, history, reboot...etc, etc, etc, the same thing that I had already done. It was not a form letter, it was the "solution" to my problem. I sent them another email and told them to read the letter again. Two weeks later, I got an email that said that they were having some website issues at that time. Funny, because the first question I asked them on the original email was, "Are there problems with your site today?"

Today, Snopes.com got on my last nerve. I am neither a customer nor did I need technical support, but I was still treated like an imbecile. I received an email forward that I hadn't seen before. I always go to Snopes.com first to see if it's just another email hoax or what. Found nothing. Used their search and tried every keyword possible. I also Google-searched for more info on the email. Granny LiePie said it was false but didn't say why...it was just their opinion. I had never heard of Granny LiePie, so I kept searching. The rest of the pages were just copies of the email I received. Nothing about whether it was true or false. I submitted it to Snopes.com. I told them that I had tried searching their site and nothing. I received an email an hour later telling me that they covered this on their site...and I should try using their search to find it! Didn't even give me the link to where they covered it! Arrrrrrrrrgh. Are you KIDDING ME?

I ain't even gonna try to call any of these techs. Why should I? So I can go through hours of voice prompts? Or get the same answers when I finally DO get a human?

If these people don't wake up, they're going to be the subject of my next book: "Big Dummies: Volume 2". I ain't playing.


Nuf said.

I need a nap.

Til next time,


Monday, January 26, 2009



Know why bears hibernate? Cuz the weather is crap.

Cold and cloudy weather makes me sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy too! I could drink up the Kiln Creek Starbucks store's supply of espresso and this crappy weather would still make me wanna put on my flannels and grab my blankey. I could sleep for 14 hours straight and still have Samsonite baggage under my eyes.

Suckage. :( I want SPRING! Wah.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Coming February!


Buy it online here!

All proceeds sponsor the "Race For Ginni" team at the 2009 Tidewater Affiliate Race For The Cure in October at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Karen, the wannabe author!

Big Dummies - Volume 1 is now finished and awaiting a February release. It's a collection of my favorite and most memorable big dummy stories that were too good not to share. It's a quick read, cute little bathroom reader and ALL of the proceeds will sponsor the "Race For Ginni" team at the 2009 Race For The Cure at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

Big Dummies - Volume 1 will be available at Eagle roadshows for a mere 10 bucks. For 10 bucks, you can laugh at someone else's expense and save lives at the same time. They will also be available online, (but it'll be more expensive to buy 'em that way. You know, the company who makes 'em and sells 'em online wants their share!) So I encourage you to buy them at roadshows. That way I can sign 'em for ya and meet ya face to face.

Big Dummies - Volume 2: A Dummy a Day for a Year is now in the works! I've been working on it since before the holidays. There are a few fun ideas that my friends have suggested for the book, and they are on the drawing board already! I'm really looking forward to making them work. I will keep you up to date.

I'm also working on a collection of Angel stories. I have been receiving lots of email with personal stories since the "Angels" segment aired on WVEC-TV last November. I have been journaling them in my own words, along with a few of my own, for personal inspiration. Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but if there is interest in the project, I may release it as a special for the holidays to benefit childhood cancer research. I'm mulling that idea around.

Anyway, besides hanging out with you guys, I have planned a very good 2009 for myself and I'm looking forward to every minute!

Look for Big Dummies - Volume 1 at a roadshow near you!