Wednesday, January 30, 2008

She's just being "Gabby"

My daughter Gabby says the darndest things sometimes. She's like her mom. She thinks out loud and most of the time it's stuff that's waaaaaaaaaaay out there, ya know?

We were driving back from her Grandmother's house and out of the blue she asks, "Hey Mom. Can we be Methodists?"

I say, "We're Baptist. Why do you wanna be Methodists? Your friends Methodist? You visit the Methodist Church with your friends or somethin' and ya like it better?"

She says, "We Baptists only have Spaghetti dinners. That Methodist Church that we just passed back there is having a pancake dinner. I want pancakes. Can we be Methodist?"

I say, "What if I just ask our pastor if we can have a pancake dinner next time. Then will ya not jump ship?"

She says, "Okay, can ya do that? I just love pancakes."

I say, "Uuuuuuuuuh, okay."

She says, "Werd."

I guess I'd better call the pastor tomorrow so we can still be Baptists.

Added note:

I just want to thank God that my child is healthy and silly. I am so grateful. Please think about us and help us help the children at St. Jude during our 17th Annual Eagle/St. Jude Country Cares Radiothon and become a Partner in Hope. 1-888-270-HOPE. We want to win the war against childhood cancer!

Thank you.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Whine, whine, whine...

Today, I was a sissy-crybaby-lala girl. Yes, I would like some cheese with that.

* Had a sinus headache all day and too much of a big dummy to take something for it until the sun blinded me on the ride home.

* The cell phone bill came in. I need to shut up or speak in shorter sentences.

* My DVR didn't record last Thursday's "My Name Is Earl" episode.

* And the big screen TV in the great room downstairs is dead. Gone. Never coming back. Had somebody look at it yesterday and I was told that it would be cheaper to buy a new one.

BUT...I want to thank God for allowing me this day to whine. A whiney day is better than the alternative. No day at all.

Yes I do mean that. I truly am grateful.

Now, did anybody see Earl last week? I need a recap here!!!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meet "Roadie"


The newest member of the family! He has been home for almost 24 hours and has adapted very nicely.

I met "Roadie" yesterday at our 1st ever Eagle Winterblast at the Hampton Coliseum. Country music star Chris Cagle brought him to our radio booth and told us the story of Roadie and how he came to take to the roads with Chris and his band. While Chris told Roadie's story, I was bonding with the little guy. He's such a lovey little sweetie! I remember mouthing the words to Chris, "Oh my God, I love him so much!" I wondered who in the world could NOT love him.

Obviously someone did not. Chris said that his girlfriendJennifer was driving down the road and saw someone throw this sweet puppy from a car and kept driving. Jennifer nearly hit him because it all happened so fast. She pulled over and rescued him. He was shaken and bloody.

God was looking out for our little Roadie because he was nursed back to health and loved by Chris and Jennifer...and the members of Chris' band.

How I got him happened so fast. I wanted him so much, and I was sure that Chris was not going to part with him. I could tell that those two had a bond...but when he asked me if I was serious, I told him I was VERY serious. He said he would call his girlfriend and see what she thought.

About 30 minutes later, It was a done deal. Roadie was going home with me! SWEEEEEET!

I can't tell you how much I couldn't wait to pick him up. But it did break my heart to see Chris say goodbye to little Roadie. It looked as though he may have had a second thought for a moment, but Chris gave me the rundown on what he had done for little Roadie already. And had him dressed up in a sweet little sweater when he was ready to go home with me. I promised I would post pics on my blog so Chris can watch the little guy grow up and I will keep that promise. And you can be sure that I'll be taking him to Chris Cagle concerts.

What does my husband think about Roadie? He adores him too.

Dang, I hate camera phone pics, but it was all I had at the moment.

Anyway, my husband held him close and zipped him up in his jacket to bond with him. My daughter begged him not to turn Roadie into a Paris Hilton dog. That won't happen. Soon as Roadie is a little bigger, I'm sure he'll have the Harley Davidson jackets and sweatshirts like his older brother Tucker. We're already shopping for the Harley collar.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Well..."Sparky The Snowman" is dead now. Gabby's not allowed to have any more pets.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let's give the poor man a break...

Most of America have viewed the video of Former President Bill Clinton dozing during a Martin Luther King event. But in case you haven't viewed it (or want to view it again for giggles), I have conveniently placed it here for ya:

And with this, I want to talk about speeches in general. I enjoy listening to a good motivating speech as much as the next guy. It inspires me, moves me and gives me the initiative to continue paying forward good deeds. But let's discuss something that is NEVER brought up about speeches. Physical discomfort.

Think about it. Most of the time, events of this nature (like the one in the video) are held in large venues. And MOST of the time, we're sitting in a small hard seat and squished between two other guests (except for Billy there...he had a primo seat). Most of the time, there are hundreds of people listening to this speech....all breathing at the same time and using up all the carbon dioxide in the building! Most of the time, we are wearing darned uncomfortable clothes and shoes cuz it's a dressy situation and we gotta look cute, right? And MOST OF THE TIME, it's darned HOT in there! AND I repeat, everybody breathing at the same time. I'm ready to curl up just talking about it!

I don't know about you, matter how great the speech, if it has gone on any longer than 14 minutes and 30 seconds, my body breaks down into a mass of Alpo and I'm ready for a 3 day nap. Seriously.

Anyhoo, I watched the Billy video several times. I turned the volume way up...hoping I could catch him snoring. Anyway, this is how I see it. Besides having that tie around his neck cutting off the oxygen to his brain and those hot tv lights in his face, he was probably kicking himself for staying up to watch Conan the night before. Therefore, his poor ole body gave out. And there ya go. A logical explanation of why Billy needed to recharge. So I say we need to give the poor man a little break here.

And to my boss John...if you are reading this, I hope you understand my explanation and will forgive me for my behavior at our staff meetings.

For the record, I do not snore! I just have sinus issues.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

YAAAAWN! Boredom!!!!

A lot of stupid stuff just floating around my noggin'. So let me just get this mess out now so I can move on to thinking about other dumb stuff I got no business thinking about.

Email forwards. Gawd I hate those things. Mainly cuz I've seen 'em all. And I've received them all 84,000 times over. The ones I really hate are the ones that say I need to send it out to 10 people or my dog's tail is gonna fall off or something. So I usually send 'em back to the same person 10 times and call 'em a different name each time. I don't know if that counts, but my dog's tail hasn't fallen off and I still got the same dumb luck, so I'm guessin' it works.

I did have a particularly boring day recently. Nothing big happened 'cept I was stuck in three traffic jams going to work and two traffic jams coming home. Like I said, I had a particularly boring day. Anyhoo, I opened one of those email forwards from my friend Richard...with the intention of sending it back to him 10 fold along with a big ole can of you-know-whut. But you know whut? I'm not going to drive down to Texas and whoop his butt cuz this is pretty darned entertaining! So, I'm posting it here for you to enjoy too. K? K.

If this one landed in your email inbox before and you're tired of watchin' apologies, John, Paul, George, Ringo, Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, Jed, Ellie May, Jethro...

Now that I'm on the subject of being boooooooooored, lemme tell you what my daughter did to add to my boooooooooooooredom on the interstate. She got this song STUCK IN MY HEAD! So now I'm returning the favor and sticking it in YOUR head. Why should I have all the fun? You're welcome.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Hampton Roads Snowstorm 2008!!!!


So much for that 2 to 4 inches of snow we were supposed to get over the weekend. Gabby scooped up what was left in the front yard and tried to build a snowdude. Well, she made half of a snowdude and he's kinda covered with acorns and dead leaves, but we love him anyway. We're gonna name him "Sparky."

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snowflakes are dangerous! No lie!

Okay kids. All those snow flakes are really really pretty...I agree. But like squirrels, just because they're pretty don't mean you should come in contact with them. Seriously.

Saturday night after I left my roadshow, my daughter and I made a trip to the grocery store. The snow was coming down so beautifully. Weather forecasters called for 2 to 4 inches of accumulation and we were going to prepare for it.

I pulled into the grocery store parking lot, grabbed my purse...and Gabby and I got out of the car and headed to the door. "Wow, the snow is sure pretty, huh Gabby?" Just as I said that, one of them little snowflake buggers hit me right in my left eye!!!!!

Yeah, they may look like this:

But it felt like THIS:

And now, my eye looks like THIS!

Anyhoo, the moral of this story is, no matter how pretty it is, it's out to whoop yer butt.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

You AIN'T allowed on the ice!

Lord love my best friend Tammy. She never listens to reason. And I have added PROOF POSITIVE to this entry. As Adrian Monk would say, "Here's what happened."

I invited Tammy to join my daughter Gabby and me at my roadshow for "Downtown Hampton On Ice." (an outdoor skating rink beside the Virginia Air and Space Center). Gabby loves to ice skate! I put her on skates when she was a little bitty thing and never told her she didn't know how. After falling on her little backside for years, she's a pretty good little skater now.

Gabby invited her friend Heather (who's also a pretty good little skater). Me? You are not going to put me on two little blades and convince me to walk on ice. I have a problem in cleats after an ice storm! I KNOW my limitations. I'm happy just to watch my daughter.

Anyhoo, Tammy tells me that she's gonna ice skate too. I immediately smelled trouble. Tammy is good at a LOT of things. Tammy is also the most accident proned person I ever met besides my sister Ginni. All I could do was picture myself on my only day off in the emergency room solving Sudoku puzzles while the "Tambone" was in x-ray.

So I told her, "You AIN'T allowed on the ice, young lady!" And then she tells me, "I've ice skated before! It was a long time ago, but it's like riding a bike!" Then I says, "How LONG ago????" Then she says, "Thirty years ago." I was like, "DOOD! You were ELEVEN! And by the way, it AIN'T like ridin' a bike! You AIN'T gettin' on the ice!"

She didn't listen. Of COURSE she didn't listen. Which is another reason why Tammy makes my life very interesting...and FUN! :D

So she gets her skates...and can't figure out how to put 'em on cuz they don't have laces anymore...they have VELCRO. BAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Okay, that was strike one. I knew it was only downhill from here. Gabby showed her how to put the skates on.

Next step, she walks out on the ice. Strike two. Now she's nervous. She yells for Gabby and Heather to come help her. Of course they do. They're more than happy to be the first witness to the accident that's impending.

Okay, I was not going to let this go without evidence that she and ice are like oil and here ya go:

Graceful! (she's gonna get me for this...but she knows I lubs her!)

I'll leave ya with this: Friends don't let friends ice skate if they ain't been on them little bitty blades in 30 years.