Thursday, May 27, 2010

I know I'm random...LOL

Every time I hear Josh Turner's song, "Why Don't We Just Dance," it takes me to a scene in one of my new favorite movies, "My Life In Ruins"...and I just gotta laugh...and DANCE...just because.

If you haven't seen "My Life In Ruins" yet, it's a definite must see for your viewing pleasure. Unless, of course, you are a guy who just don't dig Chick Flicks. However, if you wanna make your lady happy, rent it and watch it with her....and suck it up, buttercup! :P

Anyway, the particular scene in this movie is when Tour Guide Georgia (Nia Vardalos) is forced to take several flights of stairs because the elevator in her crappy hotel broke down. Georgia originally came to Greece to teach at a University...but unfortunately, the job fell she took a job as a tour guide in a seedy company. In this scene, Georgia so fed up with her job and Greece that she goes on a mini rant as she's climbing all of the stairs.

In the movie Zorba the Greek, the scene where Alan Bates and Anthony Quinn have just lost all their life savings.
What do they do? They dance.

That's the way this whole country works. Or doesn't.

If the shower doesn't work...


I'm sorry.

...they dance.

Or you want a little privacy,


they dance.

I'm very sorry. I'm very sorry.
Not that sorry.

Or, God forbid, the toilet breaks...

Oh, flapjacks. get the Greek philosophy.

(IN GREEK ACCENT) "Relax, pee outside.

"Maybe it is your destiny
to write a poem about the sky."

And then they dance.

You know, Greece was
a happening place 2,500 years ago.

It was the birthplace of art
and democracy and philosophy.

And then they discovered the nap.


This country's disregard for rules
and order is just sloppy.

What is with this hair? Is it a full moon?

You know, you've all just got to get
your act together and stop dancing.

My Life In Ruins Trailer

Now I think I wanna watch it again!

Til next time,