Thursday, October 9, 2008

Squirrels. Flippin' squirrels.

Squirrels are cute, fluffy, loveable from a distance...but oh the aggravation and damage those little boogers can cause.

I have this big ole oak tree in my front yard. I mean, HUGE...I mean, has more than likely been there for a hundred years or so. Okay, it's been there a long time. Big dang tree.

And it's seriously full of acorns. I don't know why I'm just now getting around to complaining about it because this mess happens every year:

Squirrels. Hundreds of them. Stocking their supply for the winter. Constantly pelting my head when I sit on the front porch.

And some of those furry-butted critters have the nerve to come up to me and stare. Like they're daring me to say something. Brats.

Whenever I take baby Emma out of the house, I have to put the cover over the car seat so she doesn't get it either.

Yesterday, I sat on my front porch with an umbrella. Listening to the acorns hit the polyester like water torture. No rain, unless you count that it was raining acorns. It was the only way I could enjoy the outdoors.

All of the sudden, from the backyard, I heard my dog Tucker crying the blues. I thought maybe he wanted to sit in the front yard with me. Nope. Seems that the squirrels have begun throwing acorns from the top of the house into the backyard so they can continue to bury their spoils there. And hitting poor Tucker in the head in the process.

I humbly apologize to all the squirrel lovers out there...but right now this is squirrel-hatin' season for me. I'll go back to thinking they're cute and fluffy in the spring, I promise.

I need a motrin for this bangin' headache. And hard hats for me and my dog.

Til next time.



Anonymous said...

I know what you mean,,,i have the same problem at my house!!! marie