Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Technical & Customer Support Rant

Today, I think I am fed up with asking for technical or customer support for anything. Either the technicians I deal with think EVERYBODY is a moron, or they just don't want to deal with us. Either way, they'd better starting caring...or get another job.

Case in point, twice now I've had issues with a website I used to publish my latest book. I had used them before...for research and uploading. When I had these issues, I did EVERY possible thing I could do on my end. Clear cache, history, reboot, try another computer on another server, etc. When all of that failed, I emailed customer support to tell them the problem, give them the error messages and tell them what I have done on my end to try to remedy the problem, I got an email explaining that I should clear cache, history, reboot...etc, etc, etc, the same thing that I had already done. It was not a form letter, it was the "solution" to my problem. I sent them another email and told them to read the letter again. Two weeks later, I got an email that said that they were having some website issues at that time. Funny, because the first question I asked them on the original email was, "Are there problems with your site today?"

Today, Snopes.com got on my last nerve. I am neither a customer nor did I need technical support, but I was still treated like an imbecile. I received an email forward that I hadn't seen before. I always go to Snopes.com first to see if it's just another email hoax or what. Found nothing. Used their search and tried every keyword possible. I also Google-searched for more info on the email. Granny LiePie said it was false but didn't say why...it was just their opinion. I had never heard of Granny LiePie, so I kept searching. The rest of the pages were just copies of the email I received. Nothing about whether it was true or false. I submitted it to Snopes.com. I told them that I had tried searching their site and nothing. I received an email an hour later telling me that they covered this on their site...and I should try using their search to find it! Didn't even give me the link to where they covered it! Arrrrrrrrrgh. Are you KIDDING ME?

I ain't even gonna try to call any of these techs. Why should I? So I can go through hours of voice prompts? Or get the same answers when I finally DO get a human?

If these people don't wake up, they're going to be the subject of my next book: "Big Dummies: Volume 2". I ain't playing.


Nuf said.

I need a nap.

Til next time,