Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I practice what I preach...

Well...most of the time anyway. LOL. When it comes to this, I really do.

I do...from the bottom of my heart...want cancer to go bye-bye and leave us all alone. I am an advocate to help fight breast cancer and childhood cancer. There are others who lend their voices to help fight other cancers. The reason we choose to devote our efforts towards one cancer or another is not because we don't want other cancers to be cured first, it's because we have experience in that particular area. It's what we know. Our lives were affected and we know more of those big words and more about side effects of certain chemos than we wanted to know. So we don't throw away that experience. We use it for good. We need all of us in all areas to keep speaking. We're helping others in need. The newly diagnosed, the caregiver, the new volunteer, the medical community, etc. ALL of us need to speak out and raise the awareness that cancer can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. It's time for us to fight back.

So here are my words to you today. I am having my yearly mammogram at 3:15 today. If you are due or overdue for one, call and make your appt. today! Okay? Okay.

Until next time,


Michael said...

Hi Miss Karen, My name is Michael and I JUST TODAY became an "Eagle Member". I was reading your blogs and saw yours from November 18 and pray that your tests were completely negative. You are an awesome voice on the radio and I wish the best for you.

Michael J. Smith
United States Navy (Ret.)