Friday, November 21, 2008

uhhhhhhhhhhhhh muh gawd.....

Gentlemen, please don't get mad at me for what I'm about to say. I love all you guys and I'm sure in your own way, you understand. Shopping for Christmas presents for you guys sucks! Good grief.

I asked my hubby what he wants for Christmas and he gave me that same old crispy answer he gives me every year. "I really don't want anything dear." Please. What the heck kind of answer is that for a woman with a mall to conquer and a credit card to max??? Is he really trying to kill me? It's the ONLY time of year I can get away with spending money without getting yelled at til at least February. Please guys. Don't deny us this fun. We're going to find out what you want for Christmas anyway. Don't waste our time. Tell us. If you tell us now, we may be able to find it at a HUGE discount on Black Friday! And we'll leave you alone and go up in the attic and dig out that sleeping bag we're gonna use to sleep out in front of that store for 36 hours. You save money, we're not in your hair on Black Friday, it's a win-win situation. And we can all have a Merry Christmas.

Your Friend,


Tom said...

Tools. Food. Food-related items. Things that would go well in a garage. Things that would not go well in any decently decorated room in your home. Something for you to wear that only he gets to see. An X-box. A great, comfy shirt that you want him to wear when you want to cuddle up with him. Manly cologne. Beer from around the world. A new grill. Drills, socket set, reciprocal saw, belt sander, screwdrivers, etc. I have a gazillion tools always want more. They're like shoes for guys. At least, for this guy.