Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year?

New Year's Eve in Brasstown, NC looks like it would be a blast! I've never been to a possum drop before. I mean, I HAVE seen a possum drop before...late at night...while I was sitting on the porch. He fell out of my big old oak tree and scared the hell out of me. My dog took off after it...thinking he was protecting me and all. Anyway, that possum wasn't all dressed up in Christmas lights. He snuck that one in on me and it was no fun.

BUT...if I was prepared for a possum to drop a midnight on New Year's Eve, I might enjoy that. And that's what they do down there in Brasstown.


See? http://www.clayscorner.com/new-years-eve.shtml

Here's a shocker, they don't serve no beer! Not even for the little critter that's gotta do the stunt for our entertainment.

And people dress up in funny outfits on purpose!!!! With absolutely NO BEER!

And no fear either! They'll face Peta totally sober. Ain't that cool?

Wish I could go, but oh well. There's next year.

Happy New Year!!!!
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