Tuesday, February 3, 2009

People in the news that I would just love to slap.

Some may not agree with me for what I'm about to rant about, but I have to get it off my chest before I scream.

About the woman in California who just gave birth to Octuplets. Sure, she made news. Thank God all the children were born alive...and I am going to pray every day that these children are taken care of. Why? Because this mother scares the be-heebies out of me. She's making demands? She's charging Oprah 2.2 millions dollars for an interview that Oprah hasn't even asked for yet? She's shopping for book deals, etc.? Yeah, she stands to make a mint for having all of those babies. She is unemployed, single, has other children, and her parents living with her. She had artificial insemination. Where in the Sam Hell did she get the money for that??? Her parents have had to bail her out of financial trouble before. She doesn't sound like she's all together. Those poor babies. :(


Next up on my list of people I would like to slap. Some of the survivors from the United Airlines flight that made the landing in the Hudson River? It's not enough to be grateful to be alive. Some even said that United was too busy patting themselves on the back to do anything for them monetarily.
Let me get this straight. They survived. United started them out with 5000 to replace the baggage they lost, they are working with the insurance companies to pay above and beyond after the investigation is over, and a handful of the passengers are already holding their hands out and complaining??? OH MY GOD!!! COULD YOU GIVE IT SOME TIME??? Find out what's happening with the insurance first! You're looking WAY too greedy! Kiss the family that you almost left behind! Thank God that you were given another chance! Bite your tongue with your complaints and be glad that United is not having to pay for funerals. I agree the passengers deserve fair compensation for what happened, even though the problem was caused by a flock of geese, but these complaints of theirs just make them sound like they are not grateful to be alive. I'm really sick about this. But...we should have known it was going to happen.



Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the lady that has the babies. Those poor children with a greedy mother that just "hopes" she can get money out of popping out kids with no way to take care of them!

Karen West said...

I want to know where she got the money for artificial insemination, when she had 6 other children to feed.