Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random thoughts....

This mess is just a plethora of stuff rolling through my head right now. Thought I'd stick 'em here so I'd quit thinking about them and think of other stuff that's more Cheez Whiz. By the way, don't ever put Cheez Whiz in the microwave. That mess is nasty.

1.) Even though the Sarah McLaughlin commercial about animal cruelty really touches my heart and has me crying like a depressed goat, I want to know WHY that commercial is run every other hour on the Spike Channel. The MAN channel???? C'mon! To all those goobers who placed that ad in the worst possible places, I've got news for you! Whenever that commercial runs on Spike, my husband gets up and grabs another beer. I'm sure he's not the only man to take a break...I mean that commercial is as long as an infomercial anyway. That's bathroom time with a magazine in tow. You're wasting your advertising dollars.
And shame on you for running it in the middle of "1000 Ways to Die." That's wrong on so many levels.

2.) Okay....NO!!!!!!! NO!!!!! No, to the HAIL NO!!!!! The guy in Quincy, Mass. who's selling the Casey Anthony doll on Ebay: WHAT IN THE BLANK IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Fox News Story

On the upside, you didn't get any bids...BUT, didn't you even feel the least bit sleazy for doing that? YOU....BIG....DUMMY!

3. I like crayons.

4. To all those folks making fun of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibb's pink neckties: The man is tough enough to wear pink! Go Robert Gibbs! Now, if he said that he was wearing it to raise breast cancer awareness, then I'd be an even bigger fan!

You da man, Robert! Don't let anybody tell you any different!

5. Charlie's Seafood in Virginia Beach makes the best She-Crab soup on the planet. And I'm gonna get me some for dinner!

Okay, that's it. My brain is empty now. No comments from my friends, or I'll tell everybody how many brain cells you guys operate on. It ain't pretty, I swear.

Still thinking out loud,