Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trace's Journey site news

For several years now, I have been keeping my sister's website updated for her. She asked me to take it over about 2 years before she passed. She would always keep me up to date with the content that she wanted added to the site.

Recently, I felt moved to take the site to a new direction. I really believe it was her inspiring me.

After meeting so many survivors and new patients with different concerns, I decided it was time to address questions and post helpful links on Ginni's site for ALL cancer survivors. I am hoping to receive input from health care professionals and those in the health insurance field. I am collecting information from reliable sources for those in need. There are some who are uninsured and underinsured who are frightened and need to know where to turn. There are others with family history and symptoms who are unable to get an appointment quickly because of the influx of patients in doctor's offices due to influenza, and they're stressing. There are others who have been diagnosed and are being treated, but are going through depressive periods and "chemo-brain". These are just a few areas of concern.

If anyone knows of links to helpful websites, please feel free to share them with me here, or email If you are in the healthcare field, I would love any information you can share about cancer, research, questions for the physician, etc. From survivors, I would really love to hear from you. What were your concerns when you were first diagnosed? How did you handle the situation? Your experience could help someone else in their time of need. At, there is an area for survivors to begin their own blog and you may feel free to use it. Anything you can share about your experience and how you are recovering can be very beneficial.

Trace's Journey is also on Twitter. Follow us at

My brother Ken and I are in the process of reworking the site. Whatever suggestions you can offer for content that would help those battling cancer and their caregivers is most gratefully appreciated.

Thank you so MUCH!

Here's to doing our part to raise awareness, and help end cancer forever...



amulbunny said...

Poobs you are the best sister anyone could ever have. You have kept Ginni's smile and life alive in our hearts.
Blessing to you.


JBBC said...

Hi Karen, I spotted you following my Twitter updates, so nothing new I can add here, except to say I was moved by your blog and wish you all the very best with it. What a beautiful way to honor your sister.