Friday, November 20, 2009

My "Top 5 Turkeys" of 2009

And by popular demand:

MY list of the "Top 5 Turkeys" of 2009.

#5 Will Ferrell: Land of the Lost. Need I say more?

#4 Jon & Kate (does NOT include the 8): Jon, for not being able to keep the "gun in the holster" and Kate for crying about it on all 181 channels I pay good money for!

#3 Octomom: Betting your older kids are embarrassed for you to come to PTA meetings.

#2 Richard Heene, Balloon Boy's dad: Seriously, dude. HOW LONG did you think you were going to get away with that hoax? I'm just glad your little boy turned you in before you wasted MORE tax payer dollars...AND rewarded with book deals and stuff that you CLEARLY don't deserve!

#1 Kanye: Not only did you ruin the night for Taylor, you also ruined it for Beyonce, people in the audience who looked forward to hearing from the winners, and scores of your very own fans who were embarrassed FOR you. Was it really worth the cost?

So, who are YOUR Top 5 Turkeys of 2009?