Monday, November 9, 2009

*cough-cough* HACK! Gag!

I haven't been on blogger so long that there are cobwebs all over the place! Dust a flyin' EVERYWHERE! Anybody got a Swiffer?

Okay, seriously. Where have I been, you ask? (you asked, right?) Well, besides working hard for the Race for the Cure, I've actually been working to clear my own house of the cobwebs and stuff. It's amazing what collects when the weather's warm and you ain't never home. So far, I'm close to done cleaning all of the closets and cabinets and such. I just got ruthless and started throwing out stuff and donating stuff I don't use anymore. I figured, if I got to think longer than 5 minutes about whether I'm going to use it or not, then I just throw it out or donate it. That train of thought came back to bite me in the butt on Saturday. Apparently, I was too quick to give away the gravy boat, so I had to serve the gravy in an empty "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" container. Now, I'm giving myself 10 minutes to ponder a possession before I toss it.

I'm also working on "Big Dummies - Volume 2." In Volume 1, only a few stories made the cut. This time, I'm not leaving any of my collection out. I don't want to take time trying to decide what should go in, dagnabbit. I have enough trouble trying to figure out which shoes goes with which purse. I think that's enough trauma to the nerves. So yeah, D2 will definitely be BIGGER. By the way, my friend Tammy wants more pictures in D2. (she's got that whole "hate to read" argument going again.) If you got any you'd like to donate to the book, send 'em to They must be your own photos, not those you ripped off from the internet, k? K.
Don't think D2 going to be ready in time for the holidays, but it will definitely be ready for the Spring. And just like Dummies 1 and Amazing Trace, all proceeds benefit the Tidewater Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Until next time,
Luv ya!