Thursday, September 3, 2009

Online Community Players

I am a member of two or three online communities. Not sure whether it's two or three now since I visit them rarely anymore. Only when there's nothing on TV, or I beat the latest Facebook game. These days, I like to go just to catch up and chat a little bit, til I get bored. But like a soap opera, you miss a month, you usually end up where you left off. Another thing that hasn't changed: The roles we assume when we participate in these online communities. A friend of mine posted a link when he got fed up with members constant PMS. (posting mean shhhhh-tuff). It's great for a chuckle when you find yourself wondering why ya signed up for the danged thing anyway. It's also a funny way to find out what role you assumed when you chose to get your stupid-self involved in a petty community argument.

Ladies and Gentlemen enjoy: The Flame Warriors by Mike Reed

The funniest thing I find about this site is, as fed up as the author was when he wrote out the roles, he still created a community!

Eh, we love it and we know it. LOL.

Til next time.


amulbunny said...

You know I never would have "met" you or Ginni except for that big ole board we used to be at. I suffered with both of you, prayed for miracles and still miss her today.
That online community created for me a second family that has continued on FB today.
Thanks for being my friend.

Karen West said...

You're absolutely right, bunny. I miss that community so much. I've been to a few of the splinters after the board was shut down, but it's not the same. A lot of us have gone our separate ways. I visit them, but it's sad...because once again, it's not the same.
Fortunately, there's facebook..and I'm friends with 50 of the girls and boys from the old community so I'm able to somewhat keep in touch.
I think my biggest beef with this post was a community I am a member of and we talk about products. It amazed me how there are catfights about PRODUCTS that we all want to buy! LOL. And it reminded me a lot of our old home when we had our little tiffs. So much, that I wondered, "Hey! Is there a script that most communities follow? Cuz this is surrrrrrrre looking familiar!" So a friend of mine whose screen name is RatindaHat posted this link on that messageboard and I had to laugh out loud. Then I looked to see if I was guilty (or could be perceived as guilty) of being any one of these characters. And yeah, I guess I'd have to admit that...yeah. LOL. Depends on the mood of the day and at that time, I guess. I don't miss that part of a community, actually. I do miss the love we once shared at Good Ol' Gumbo, though. Couldn't get that kind of warm fuzzies with a product board, though I did make a few cool friends and we've connected on Facebook. Good old Facebook. I hope we never lose it.
I'm glad you're my friend too, bunny.