Sunday, April 13, 2008

How you know your bike has been in the garage too long!

Well, spring has sprung. Unfortunately, my husband and I have had way too many rainy days to take the Harleys out for a spin. Plus, whenever there has been a good day thrown in the mix, one of us is at the job.

Anyhoo, here it is a beautiful Sunday. We're both off, and my best friend and her husband are ready to ride too.

My husband has pulled both of the bikes out of the garage to give them a nice little cleaning.

It's going to be a good day, right?

Well, just one small little hitch....

My husband grabbed his helmet and got a little surprise....

That's right ladies and gentlemen...a bird had set up housekeeping! And she's expecting too!

That's his FAVORITE HELMET!!!!!

What to do, WHAT TO DO! Well I told him he couldn't disturb the little family so he'll just have to wear another helmet.

Sad face.

"Well, you can't just kick her out, honey!"

He gave me that look like he was smellin' bad cheese. "It wouldn't be so funny if it were YOUR helmet."

"Nope." I said. That's why I keep MINE in the house!


I'll let you know when the babies are born.


Princess Cat's Pajamas said...

Smart bird! :D

Tony said...

My daughter, Harley, and I store the dirt bikes every winter but we always have the spring time blues because they don't want to start. Last year we had to take them to the shop to get the carburetors cleaned and they said to put the gas treatment in the tank when storing. Well that didn't work. We love to ride so it looks like I will clean them myself this year but that will have to wait because Harley will debut on CMT "Can You DUET?" and we want to record it. We live in VaBeach and I was just listening to you at work and fell across your blog on line. Shhhhh I better go now. Ride safe! Thanks for hosting the good music.
PS: you can check out Harley on her my space music "Angel Rock" if you don't have to clean up after farm animals.