Thursday, February 7, 2008


My kids have been telling me for years that our house is haunted. Yeah, I've heard weird stuff going on but I just chalk it up as squirrels re-enacting "Fiddler On The Roof." I told them if the house is REALLY haunted, it wouldn't kill Mr. Ghost if he could do the dishes and a load of laundry every now and then. Otherwise, he would just be a freeloader. Everybody has to do their share, knowwhutimsayin?

Well, this morning as I was getting dressed for work, I heard a crash. I went downstairs and blamed Sharkbait the cat for getting into trouble, but she looked up all blurry eyed from her favorite chair. Apparently, she had been sleeping. I searched through the house. Finally, I saw the problem. In the "man" room, a picture that my husband had hung YEARS ago had fallen off the wall. It was on the floor leaning against the wall like somebody placed it there. The nail still in the wall. This pic hasn't been moved in 6 years, man. It just fell off the wall for no reason. Okay, I let it go and left for work.

My friend Tammy called me and told me that the same thing happened to her last night. A pic that had been hanging on her wall for over 4 years! And it's not damaged either!

If I were a superstitious soul, I'd be duct taping my butt to a well grounded chair with a year's supply of Cheetos and Dr. Pepper by my side.

But, I'm not superstitious. And I ain't hanging that danged picture back up. If Mr. Ghost doesn't like it, he can just replace it himself. I'll have to send him over to Tammy's house too since he seems to be freeloading in both places now. Maybe we should make up a chore list?

Brillo pads and dish detergent under the sink, Mr. Ghost. Get to work!

Edited to add: My daughter Laura reminded me that the Ghost has a name. It's Bob. I'm not sure if the kids named him or if that's his name, but yeah.

I was also reminded by a loyal listener via email that I need to apologize to Sharkbait the Cat. I did. With a half a canister of cat treats. I think we're good now.


Flarie said...

Moooom! His name is Bob. Remember? He's the one who used to live under my bed? He liked to leave the freezer door open?...Well apparently he's finally taken that ugly ass picture off the wall :P Good for him. It's about time Bob stepped up and did something.

Tell him after he's done at your house, I need someone to do dishes here.