Friday, February 15, 2008

Hopes & Dreams, Plans & Goals

Meet my friend Tammy:

She is cute. She is sweet. She is funny. And sometimes she doesn't have the sense God gave a gnat, but I love her anyway.

Last week, she and I were discussing things we would like to do within the next two years. Something we've always wanted to do. I told her that my goals are to go to Mackinac Island where my favorite movie (Somewhere In Time) was filmed...and to take my youngest daughter to Germany so she can finally meet the family she has always heard about.

I asked Tammy what she'd like to accomplish within the next two years. She said she wanted to learn a foreign language. I thought that was very admirable! I'm thinking travel and she's thinking deeper than that.

So I says, "Which language would you like to learn?"

She says, "I'd like to learn to speak Australian."


She says, "They have a really cool accent!"


I had to think about whether I should tell her or not. I really didn't want to break her heart considering she thought long and hard about her two year goal. But I gave in.

"They speak English, you idiot."

Did I mention I love her anyway?