Thursday, February 14, 2008

Painting your home tips from Karen

None of these tips were ever covered by Heloise or Bob Villa and I honestly think it is information we all need when we're beautifying our homes on a budget. Print out these tips and keep them handy before your next painting project. You're welcome.

1. It's never a good idea to let the pets watch you while you're painting. Sure, they enjoy your company...but they also want to help. Case in point, Sharkbait the cat felt there was a bit too much paint on one section of the bathroom moulding and decided she would lighten it up a bit by constanting rubbing up against that section until the excess was no longer on the moulding...but on her fur. And Tucker the dog showed me that he has a built in paint brush. His long Golden Retriever tail. I'm grateful for the help, but when painting a small room, it should be a one person project in order to keep brush stroke consistency.

2. Never paint your window sill when it's raining buckets outside. It doesn't matter that's it's indoor painting you are doing. It takes forever to dry and the condensation from the window may cause your sill to drip and streak...causing you to add more paint to cover up the streaks until you are up to 8 coats of a losing battle. Foul language generally follows this practice and that's not good for the pets.

3. Have a little patience. Never hang the brand new white curtains on the window that has just been painted with 8 coats of green paint even though it has been 30 minutes and the paint is supposed to dry in 20.

4. Never let your husband get away with calling you "Earl Scheib." Next time, give him the paintbrush and quietly go to your room and watch Lifetime movies.