Friday, February 8, 2008


Dang. My friend Tammy and I thought we had a cool ghost story to tell our grandchildren in the future...until our engineer husbands spoiled the party! Grrrr.

Last night over dinner, Tammy and I discussed the mysterious falling pictures with our husbands. My husband, God love him, explained that he had hung a calendar above the picture the day before and apparently it fell, hit the picture and that's why it hit the floor. Then he explains that he hung that calendar with SCOTCH TAPE! Whutthe? SCOTCH TAPE? A heavy calendar on a plaster textured wall? I'm thinking "Oh Gawd tell me he didn't. I feel a 'big dummy' coming on." I just assumed he understood the law of gravity! I mean, even Tammy and I get THAT one! And we can't find our cars in a parking lot with only one car!

Then Tammy's husband chimed in. Her pic was hung with an eyelet screw and was coming out of the wall anyway. That's why HERS hit the floor. Who hung that pic in the first place? Her husband.

So there's no more cool ghost story. No one to blame stuff on. And even worse, Tammy and I have to hide the all the scotch tape and eyelet screws. Otherwise, we're gonna have crap falling off the walls all the time.


Tom said...

So, now you get to tell your husbands to get cracking on the dishes and cleaning, right?

Anonymous said...

that was so funny karen who hangs a calender by stoch tape.OMG