Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm gonna let it all hang out here. I'm annoyed and pretty darn hot about this.

The past two days, I have taken a little detour from my long roadtrip to the studio to treat myself to a Starbucks Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte. I took Harpersville Road going past Peninsula Catholic High School as the route to my nearest drive-thru Starbucks. What has happened to me in the past two days should NEVER HAPPEN...EVER! At the time of my commute, the speed limits near schools are dropped to 25 mph. (if the big dummies I am about to refer to are reading this, THAT means SLOW THE HECK DOWN! PRECIOUS CARGO ARRIVING AT SCHOOL! C'mon Flashing lights, the whole nine yards....get a clue!) Speed limit on Harpersville's two lane road is 35 anyway. I was going about 38, maybe 40 in the 35. And for TWO MORNINGS IN A ROW, SOME idiot was in a big hurry to get NOWHERE. Rode my bumper down that two lane road. When the speed limit dropped in the school zone, I dropped to 25. STILL had that somebody riding my bumper...I mean SO CLOSE, I could get a back massage!!!! I was seriously afraid that if I had to stop, my car would get totaled by the moron behind me. Yesterday it was a small Honda, today it was an older blue truck. What part of SCHOOL ZONE did they not get??? To top it off, that is only one of THREE school zones on that small stretch of road.

Once they saw a chance, both of these idiots managed to cross a double yellow line and squealed tires to get around me. STILL in the school zone! Did I mention yellow lights flashing...signs everywhere???? I've got a daughter in school myself. I don't care if the person riding my bumper does NOT have children...the law applies to EVERYONE! I can only pray that they were caught before the next school zone.

I am SO MAD I could spit nails!!!! And if this makes you angry too, feel free to post a comment on this blog entry. I'm not a cop so I can't do anything about it on the road...but I can sure make an example out of them here.