Monday, March 17, 2008

Need Creative Ideas!

I need Easter basket help. You see, the Easter Bunny does NOT visit anybody over the age of 15, so I am stuck with the grueling job of doing HIS job for my daughters. (Wish I liked rabbit stew.) Last year, I was a very boring Easter Bunny. (And I've spent months after easter picking up that plastic green grass off the floor and furniture.) So I need help. This Saturday, I'm going out to buy things for my daughters easter baskets and I need creative ideas. Your help COULD win you a $100 gift card from K-Mart. (read rules at end of this blog.)

Keep in mind that I have OLDER children. 21, 19 and 16. And they swear they still believe in the Easter Bunny. (And Santa and the tooth fairy...blah, blah, blah. They'll say anything to keep getting presents. They're just like their momma!)

Can you help me come up with some creative ideas?

Here is a little bit about each girl:

Laura (21): Doesn't wear make-up (she's just a pretty girl. I don't think any of my girls need make-up...but two of them wear it.) Occasionally, she will wear a clear lip gloss. She doesn't wear jewelry either. She loves Harry Potter, she loves to read, PERIOD. She's a Monty Python and Johnny Depp fan. She adores striped knee socks and sandals (worn together) and t-shirts with funny sayings on them. She also draws. Mostly anime and she is extremely talented.

Allie (19): Loves to wear make-up. The more, the better. Wears her hair up most of the time. Listens to all types of music, mostly rock, but likes Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift. She likes big earrings...and a lot of bling. Loves funny looking bedroom slippers and pajamas...and scary movies. She's a "Sun Chip" addict.

Gabby (16): Wears make-up sometimes. She has to be in a mood. Loves hoodie sweatshirts, jeans and funky shoes...but has been known to wear dress up in pink occasionally (for her Aunt Ginni.) Is addicted to her I-Pod. She also loves fun jewelry. Mostly chunky big jewelry. Is an avid reader of teen fantasy books. Along the same lines as Harry Potter.

All THREE of them love those little marshmallow PEEPS. (Not to EAT...those things are just GROSS! And they have a shelf-life of FOREVER.) They dress them up and take pictures for their myspace pages.

All three are chocoholics like mom. Laura and Allie like the Cadbury eggs. (That commercial sold them years ago.) Gabby loves "Robin Eggs." We've still got 10 year old jellybeans. They will eat "Jelly Bellies" but jellybeans are reserved for decorating "Peeps." (They say regular jellybeans are yukky too.)

Okay, so there you go. Some clues about my daughters. I need some great creative ideas to put in the Easter baskets. I want the girls to either say "I've got the coolest mom in the world" or I want them to laugh themselves silly! (We love to laugh). I will take all 5 emails out with me on Saturday, March 22nd and do my shopping!

Send your creative ideas to with a phone number where you can be reached. I will choose one in the 12 o'clock hour today through Friday. The one I choose will win a $100 gift card from K-Mart! Send your entries now to (contest open to Hampton Roads and surrounding areas only. Must be 18 or over. See contest rules at

Thanks in advance for your help!

Note: I will be on vacation from 3/19 thru 3/25. I will still have access to my email and will still choose one during this contest week. Amanda Meadows will be sitting in for me during my vacation and I will be calling her with the winner of the day!

Edited 3/27/08

Congratulations to all of our winners this week!!!! Keep listening for more cool contests like this one on 97-3 The Eagle!!!!


Alyce said...

Sounds like fun!! I popped an email w/ ideas over to ya..