Monday, March 10, 2008

"Embrace change."

"Embrace change." That's a phrase I have heard time and time again. To me, "embrace change" means "Something's gonna happen and you probably ain't gonna like it, so suck it up and get over yourself." I haven't met too many people who don't cringe at the thought of "change." Some do well, others don't. For the most part, I do well with change. Not without kicking and screaming, but I do eventually adapt., I'm going to kick and scream about a "change" I'm not willing to make!

Well, we had a very comfortable chair in the Eagle studio. A little's been here for about 7 years, but nonetheless, very comfortable and still looked good.

Well, this morning, "old faithful" was NOT in the studio and replaced by a brand new chair.

I hate new chair. It's hard. It hurts my butt. I don't wanna embrace new chair. I wanna toss it. But I sit in it hoping I may come to love new chair. After an hour, I realized why Jombi stood up for his show this morning. It didn't get any better. My backside fell asleep and I had a heck of a time waking it up. I looked pretty ridiculous to passerbys.

So, I did what I had to do without causing a major catastrophe. I complained to our engineering department. Assistant Engineer John said old chair had a broken wheel and he just fixed it. Minutes later, he brought it back in the studio and now I'm sitting comfortably again.

New chair is still in the studio, though. Apparently it's JEN'S new chair. Sure hope she can "embrace change."


Anonymous said...

Not embracing the change :) Sat in my old chair this morning.... the one with duct tape of the arms. The new chair hurts my butt too. jen