Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yep, sometimes "embracing change" is for the birds!

Well, it seems that I'm not the only one with a grievance with "new chair." As of today, "new chair" officially sucks.

In the years I've known Jennifer Lewis, she has never ever complained about anything. Not even Jimmy Ray. That, my friends, is NERVES OF STEEL. I envy her sometime.

But today, Jen spoke her peace about "new chair." It ain't happening, no way...no how.
And you know how serious she is about it? She would rather sit in THIS chair! And she is. That's right. Sweet, precious Jennifer would rather sit in a beat up, taped up, falling apart at the seams, piece of crapola before she would ever consider sitting in "new chair" again.

Pretty sad, huh?

But alas, "new chair" is still in the studio and according to engineering, it must stay there. (Maaaaaaaaan, what did Jen do to reap such crummy Karma???)

Anyway, we have decided that we would give "new chair" to Jimmy Ray as a gift when he returns from his vacation. He doesn't read my blog...so don't nobody say nuthin', k? Just let him think we're thinking about him. Thank y'all!