Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meet "Roadie"

The newest member of the family! He has been home for almost 24 hours and has adapted very nicely.

I met "Roadie" yesterday at our 1st ever Eagle Winterblast at the Hampton Coliseum. Country music star Chris Cagle brought him to our radio booth and told us the story of Roadie and how he came to take to the roads with Chris and his band. While Chris told Roadie's story, I was bonding with the little guy. He's such a lovey little sweetie! I remember mouthing the words to Chris, "Oh my God, I love him so much!" I wondered who in the world could NOT love him.

Obviously someone did not. Chris said that his girlfriendJennifer was driving down the road and saw someone throw this sweet puppy from a car and kept driving. Jennifer nearly hit him because it all happened so fast. She pulled over and rescued him. He was shaken and bloody.

God was looking out for our little Roadie because he was nursed back to health and loved by Chris and Jennifer...and the members of Chris' band.

How I got him happened so fast. I wanted him so much, and I was sure that Chris was not going to part with him. I could tell that those two had a bond...but when he asked me if I was serious, I told him I was VERY serious. He said he would call his girlfriend and see what she thought.

About 30 minutes later, It was a done deal. Roadie was going home with me! SWEEEEEET!

I can't tell you how much I couldn't wait to pick him up. But it did break my heart to see Chris say goodbye to little Roadie. It looked as though he may have had a second thought for a moment, but Chris gave me the rundown on what he had done for little Roadie already. And had him dressed up in a sweet little sweater when he was ready to go home with me. I promised I would post pics on my blog so Chris can watch the little guy grow up and I will keep that promise. And you can be sure that I'll be taking him to Chris Cagle concerts.

What does my husband think about Roadie? He adores him too.

Dang, I hate camera phone pics, but it was all I had at the moment.

Anyway, my husband held him close and zipped him up in his jacket to bond with him. My daughter begged him not to turn Roadie into a Paris Hilton dog. That won't happen. Soon as Roadie is a little bigger, I'm sure he'll have the Harley Davidson jackets and sweatshirts like his older brother Tucker. We're already shopping for the Harley collar.


Twango said...

Awwww, Roadie is a gem (your hubby looks like he might be one too) :p